PODCAST: Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Has Begun! Plus, The Song Rankings List Begins

Pearl Jam's setlist from The Gila River Arena in Phoenix, AZ.Photo: Pearl Jam

Jamily Matters is back and so is Pearl Jam! 

It's been over two years but the band is finally back on the road for a full fledged tour! Roche and Billie discuss the first four dates of the tour to see if they can spot any trends, give some setlist highlights, and overall impressions of the beginning of the 2022 Pearl Jam tour. They also reveal what shows they hope to attend and how they got tickets. 

Then, it's the part of the podcast that Billie has been dreading. Now that they have ranked all the songs on the albums, it's time to start ranking all the PJ studio songs from least favorite to favorite! Every ranking has to start somewhere and this one starts at the bottom...and Billie couldn't be more disgusted having to do this. 

Are you doing song rankings as well? Hitting up any PJ shows this year? Let us know! Email roche@iheartradio.com

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