Joel Madden Reveals The Sweet Reason Behind His Favorite Tattoos

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Joel Madden has a lot of tattoos, so it's fitting that he would be named the new host for INK MASTER — a competitive reality show about tattoo artists. AltPress recently chatted with the Good Charlotte frontman about his new gig, and naturally during the interview the topic of his personal tattoos came up.

When asked if he had a favorite tattoo, Madden had this to say: "I love the tattoos on my hands because I got them for my family, my kids and my wife. They are very special and feel really meaningful to me."

Madden has been married to Nicole Richie since 2010. They share two children: 14-year-old Harlow and 12-year-old Sparrow.

"It obviously starts with great art. I look for originality and art that speaks to you," he said about what constitutes a great tattoo.
Then you go to the application of the tattoo, so a good application is a must and altogether constitutes a well-rounded tattoo. What I love about this competition is that while you watch it, you also learn a lot about tattooing. It’s great for people who are interested in tattoos to watch it and learn about what they like and become an expert on what to look for in mistakes, whether it’s the line work or the colors. It took me 10 years into getting tattoos to start understanding what I like personally and what to look out for."

The rockstar also shared his current favorite tattoo artists. "I’ve always been a huge fan of Scott Campbell," he said. "I personally love everything he does and love him as a person; he’s just a special being. I also love Thomas Hooper, Sean From Texas and Dr. Woo. There are so many great artists from all different styles, but those are definitely a few of my favorites."

The new season of INK MASTER premieres September 7 on Paramount+.

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