Grimes' Sword-Wielding Met Gala Look Up For Auction To Help Ukraine

Photo: Getty Images

If you have ever wanted to own a piece from one of the most iconic looks from the Met Gala, now's your chance.

Grimes announced that some of the accessories she wore at the gala's 2021 Red Carpet where she memorably carried a large sword cast from an AR-15 are being put up for auction to help Ukrainian families trying to escape the Russian invasion, per Billboard.

On Monday (May 16), she took to Instagram to share the items that are being auctioned, including silver elf-like ear cuffs and the metallic CHRISHABANA x Dune Harkonnen mask, which she said "offers a unique interpretation of the theme 'resistance.'"

"Hey guys – I'm auctioning stuff from my Met gala look las year to raise money to help get BIPOC families out of Ukraine since they're having trouble exiting at the border," the "Genesis" musician wrote, sharing some photos of the futuristic look. "

According to her post, the HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles is displaying the works of 50 artists, including her accessories, that all offer "a unique interpretation of the theme 'resistance.'" The auction is live exclusively on Artsy and will close at 3 p.m. ET May 26. All proceeds from the auction will go toward Diaspora Relief and Razom, which will then be used to provide food, shelter and evacuation support to those in need.

The auction will also feature clothes, artwork and other items from other notable celebrities and athletes, per Billboard, including a Sonic Youth Washing Machine skateboard that was signed by frontwoman Kim Gordon.

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