Tom DeLonge Saw A UFO Off The California Coast And Recorded The Whole Thing

Quarantine didn't stop Tom DeLonge from rushing down to the beach Tuesday night (March 31) after a friend spotted a UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) off the coast near the Angels & Airwaves frontman's house.

After studying it from his balcony, DeLonge and his girlfriend Marie hopped in the car and headed down to the abandoned beach, where they gazed at the sky for hours. DeLonge was able to catch some footage of the bright light in the dark sky and shared it with his Instagram followers, along with a detailed description of what he saw.

"So last night I get a text from somebody that there was a UAP right off of the beach where I live," he explained. "I ran to my balcony and saw it split into two pieces and raise vertically. I grabbed Marie, jumped in my truck and went straight down to the beach. We were the only ones on the beach last night as this light disappeared, reappeared, broke into three pieces and stacked vertically with one little red dot flying around the top and then disappeared for the rest of the evening."

"This video doesn’t show much, but we were up quite late watching the light dance about a half a mile to a mile off of the beach," he continued. "It was huge, and it was fiery orange. Of course I called up Lue Elizondo as I was there, and he was telling me all of these things I was supposed to do with location, geographic details, weather, altitude and distance etc. Of course, I was completely worthless when it came to those details. But yes, big deal last night in Encinitas, CA. Lue checked immediately, there were no flights in the area except one that I had my eyes on the entire time. No military, no boats, and a bunch of hovering lights that were stacking on top of each other... wild. Who knows..."

UFO footage isn't the only entertaining content DeLonge has shared on social media recently. Before trying to prove that aliens exist, he tried to prove that he was the Joe Exotic of blink-182, which sparked some hilarious banter with his former bandmate Mark Hoppus.

Photo: LeeAnn Mueller

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